I was born a pleaser. A striver. I don’t remember a day growing up that I didn’t long for the approval of my dad. The smile he would give me when I did a good job. I remember the day I graduated from high school, second in my class so happy because I knew my dad would be proud. Everyone in his family had graduated top in his class. I was bringing glory to my dad.

Jesus’ entire ministry on earth was to display the glory of His father. Before he went to the cross, His prayer was for God’s glory. John 17:1 says, “after Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: ‘Father, the hour has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you.’ ”

What if we truly wanted what God wanted most? What if we wanted God’s glory above everything else?

Lately, this question has gotten me up earlier and kept me awake at night. I know myself. My sinful nature wants comfort, no cost, expensive clothes, iced coffee, and no suffering. I often find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram when I could be studying the Bible and digging through the dollar section at Target when I could be meeting a need for someone else. Instagram, Target, and personal comfort are not bad things, but are they keeping us from remembering that this life is temporary? That it is just a glimpse before eternity with our Savior. Is our mind so full of wants, desires, and distractions, that we can’t even hear the still small voice of our Savior saying, “Go there. Meet that need. Call that friend. Invite them to Church. Pray for them.”

Jesus glorified the father by accomplishing the cross. The work the Father gave him. We glorify our Father by stepping into our story and doing all that He has set before us. It may not be moving to Africa, quitting your job, or adopting a child. It may look more like the everyday mundane, but we serve a God who can turn your neighborhood into a mission field, a secretarial job into ministry, and parenting into raising up the next generation to serve Jesus.

We just have to be quiet enough to hear His voice, willing enough to obey His call, and desire His glory above all else. So what does that look like for you? What if you truly wanted what God wanted most? What if you wanted God’s glory above everything else? May you see that the natural costs compare nothing to the beautiful story Jesus wants to write with your life. Because in light of heaven, risking what we cannot keep for what we cannot lose is always worth it.

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