For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-discipline.

2 Timothy 1:7


I am a chronic over thinker. You know the type that leaves a meeting, conversation, play date, or my small group and obsesses about things. Did I say the right thing? Did someone take it the wrong way? Was I too harsh or maybe not bold enough? I’m annoying and laughing at myself just thinking about it right now. The problem with chronic over thinking is that it often results in living in fear.

Fear of not meeting expectations.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of my imperfections showing.

Fear of not being the best.

Fear of being misunderstood.

And those fear become real life to us. We hold onto them. We let them dictate decisions and how we view ourselves. They become the voice in our head. We put the wild and free life that Jesus bought on the cross for us on a shelf. It’s for someone else. It’s for someone wiser and more qualified, but there is no peace in this. No freedom in this. We have to make a daily decision to choose the wild and free life in Jesus. One where we walk in the confidence, grace, and power of what He already paid for on the cross. One where God’s voice in our life is louder than the voice of our fears.

So today are you being the brave women that God has called you to be? Are you putting your fears and insecurities to the side and making the decision to live out the life He has called you to? He’s called you to the wild and free life. May you walk in that beautiful truth today, and may His still small voice be the greatest voice in your life.

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