The Gardner

The Gardner

A few days ago I had the privilege of working in the flower beds at my house with a dear friend who is a master at gardening. I am the most unknowledgeable person when it comes to this.  I’m actually afraid to do anything with the flowers because I can’t tell the difference between a plant and a weed. Groom or prune? Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t even know where to begin.  So I had a crash course from the expert.

As we were going from flower bed to flower bed we started talking about the similarities between spiritual principles and gardening.  We hear these references all the time in messages at church. But there is something about being wrist deep in soil with a pair of gardening sheers in your hand that makes all those lessons so much more real. One of the greatest revelations that came out of my learning the do’s and don’ts of flower gardening is now tattooed on my soul.

My rose bushes had some beautiful blooms.  I’d been enjoying them for weeks now.  But surprisingly when they were next in line to be pruned I was shocked when Mickie encouraged me to cut them off. You see, my roses were beautiful, but the plant was growing out of control!  As a result I was getting far less blooms then it could be producing and the plant was much less dense than it should be. What I was satisfied with in seeing a little fruit, my expert gardener knew was far less than what it was created to produce.  In that moment, I had a choice.  I could continue to be satisfied with what I could see with my physical eyes.  Or I could trust the master gardener and cut them back so that something much more beautiful, and longer lasting could grow.

How often do we do this with the things of God?  It’s so easy to become satisfied with a little bit of Him moving in our lives.  Just a little bit of hearing His word.  Just a little bit of seeing the benefits of obedience. But our Master gardener has so much more for us if we’d just trust Him to do what He knows is best for our lives.  How often are we afraid to cut back on things in life that He’s dealt with us about because we can’t see with our eyes what will grow in it’s place.  How often do we choose to hold on to the little we have instead of cutting it off and sharing it with someone else because we’re afraid it won’t produce new fruit.  In those times and seasons we have a choice.  Be satisfied with what we are comfortable with or trust the one who knows better.

Because I trusted Mickie and watched her grow heathy, amazing flowers in our yard for years, it was easy to take the sharpest scissors I’ve ever worked with and snip away at the beautiful as well as the ugly.  We trimmed away the dry and dying leaves and blooms along with some of the beautiful flowers that needed to go so others could grow.

One thing I know for sure….I didn’t need to have all the answers myself.  I just needed to trust the one who did. We can rest in the fact that our God knows it all.  So next time He encourages you to snip, snip at something  just do it! Throw away the dry and dying, and enjoy – or give away the beautiful, knowing that when God asks something from us it’s because He’s wanting to grow something  better in us, or get something better to us!

Snip, snip.

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