Am I Enough?

Am I Enough?

Am I Enough?

With two little boys three and under, I often find myself on play dates at the local coffee shop, the zoo, and my toy cluttered living room floor. With a hot coffee in hand and babies at our feet, I frequently get asked the same few questions. Do you think I am enough? Do you think I am doing enough? Should I work more? Should I work less?

And these are questions I ask myself frequently. In this season of life, I feel blessed to be able to work part-time doing something that I absolutely love and feel called to, but I still feel the constant internal struggle of am I enough at work and am I enough at home.

BUT here is the revelation that Jesus has given me, if we are obeying Him with our time, our gifts, our visions, and our dreams then our lives our going to look beautifully diverse. And not only that, but the realization that everything is a season. And what God has called you to do might look completely different then what he has called your best friend to do. Here’s the thing, we have got to stop playing the comparison game.

He’s called you sister. He’s equipped you. And you’ve got mission right where He has you planted. Get after it. Your calling is beautifully designed for YOU! And even if no one ever sees, even if you never have a huge platform, you can use your God given gifts and talents to radically change the lives of the specific people God has placed in your life.

Today, let’s decide to serve, to see, to love, and to make much of God and the person standing right in front of us.

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  • Sandy Amamm
    Posted at 12:27h, 19 May Reply

    So true! Great word!!

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